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How to charge your crystals:

In the sun (ensure they are not crystals that will fade in sunlight eg. Amethyst, citrine, etc)

Under the full moon light

Placing on a crystal selenite plate

Placing on a larger crystal geode


How to cleanse your crystals:

Washing in the ocean, lakes or rivers (ensure they are not water-soluble crystals e.g. Selenite, Kyanite)

Burning sage or palo santo

Sound frequency using sound bowls or instruments that emit high vibrations

On the earth overnight or even burying them (if tumbled stones)


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Crystals are more than just a pretty ornament, they each hold unique frequencies that we can connect with on an energetic level. Formed in the earths core over millions of years, they are said to be the DNA of Mother Earth, containing records and memories since the beginning.

There is more than meets the eye with these beautiful beings.

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