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Chakra Smudge Sticks

Chakra Smudge Sticks


This powerful 7 Chakra Sage Bundle is sure to remove all negative and unwanted energies from your home and person while also balancing each of your Chakras.

White sage is widely known for its uses in spiritual cleansing and protection properties but it can also be used to attract abundance and prosperity.

Each stick is approximately 4” with fresh flowers added for beauty, fragrance, and to attract a loving and balanced energy. These bundles allow the ultimate releasing as well as grounding experience.

Chakra Colour:
Crown Chakra - violet
Third Eye Charka - indigo
Throat Chakra - blue
Heart Chakra - green
Solar Plexus Charka - yellow
Sacral Charka - orange
Base Chakra - red

There is no need to remove string. Sage stick can be buried just as is.

Never burn unattended.

Always burn in a fire resistant container.

Open window or door to allow smoke to leave your space.

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