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Proteus Trilobite on Matrix from Morocco

Proteus Trilobite on Matrix from Morocco

$25.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price

This authentic Moroccan Trilobite was unearthed in Morocco and is about 240 to 570 million years old.

Trilobites roamed the floor of the oceans for millions of years and are found throughout the fossil record.

This Trilobite is a perfect gift for someone who loves fossils and can be displayed in a classroom, desk, home, or office.

The Trilobite is completely natural and is in it's original condition. It has been placed onto a matrix for artistic and display purposes.

Approximate size of Trilobite - 1"As this is a one of a kind specimen, no two are alike. Please allow for variations in color, shape, weight, and size in the specimen that you receive. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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